HOW TO BOOK A PAINT PARTY - easy as 1-2-3!

  • Choose your paint project. Pick a picture that you and your group will enjoy painting. See: CLASS SAMPLES or we can discuss your special theme for a custom project. 
  • Choose your party date considerations – (Month/ Weekday or Weekend). Call Cathie for date availability- Your paid $35 deposit will hold the date requested.
  • Choose your “Time Block” (3- hour painting block of time which includes a 10-15 minute break): 11am-2pm / 12 noon – 3pm / 1pm – 4pm /2pm – 5pm / 6pm – 9pm

    INVITE YOUR GUESTS:  Friends, Family, Co-workers, Neighbors, Couples Night, Mom & Me

    (Idea: Make an “event” and have the first “paid” 20 folks join you at a pizza place.)

    GUEST CONFIRMATION:   Please confirm the number of painters at least 48 hours prior to party day.  (I need time to prepare the canvases and supplies.)

    PAYMENT:  The hostess is requested to collect payment from the guests.   Payment to Cathie’s Paint Parties can be made by cash, check, PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card. 

    PARTY DAY:  I will arrive one- hour prior to the painting time to set up the room.  Tables and chairs should be in place ready for me to set up for the painters.  I will provide all the painting supplies including: table coverings,  prepared canvases, easels, brushes, water bins, aprons, paper products and project samples.

    MENU:  Food or snacks and beverages are the choice of the hostess.  You can keep it simple with cheese and wine, or provide a meal, depending on your party.  Consider your menu choices while keeping the painting “time block” in mind.  I.e.: If you are serving food, other than finger snacks, please hold that until the end of the painting time.  Or if you want to eat prior to the painting portion of your party, the tables need to be free for me to set up (which I can do before guests arrive).

    KIDS MENU:  I have seen good results with a “break” in the middle for kid’s parties.  You may want to serve something like pizza at the half-way point as a break and save the birthday cake and gifts for the end of the party.  Just a suggestion…


    More About the Class

    Please allow approximately one hour before your party for me to “set up” the space.  We start with a pre-determined design picked by the hostess.  I will bring a canvas (sizes vary) for each painter, usually base-coated with the background color -which helps with drying time.   We will draw our design on using my pre-drawn paper pattern, so no worries about the common complaint of “I can’t draw a stick figure”.  Other supplies that will be provided are: canvas table coverings, easels, brushes, etc. as well as the painted class sample and a 4×6” photo for each painter.  Allowing about 2 to 3 hours of painting time, with my step-by-step instruction and limited class size (maximum of 20), we will have fun while you complete your own “ready to hang” piece of art!

    Children’s parties…

    Special pricing of only $250. for up to 10 children (ages 8 to 13)Adults are welcome to paint at the “Large Party” rate of $30. each


    Standard Party: $35 each – Minimum of 6 painters – Maximum of 12

    Large Party: $30 each – 13 to 20 painters

    Kids Party: $250 up to 10 painters – (ages 8 to 13)

    Where is a great place to have a Cathie's Paint Party for your Birthday Celebration?

    Your House

    Pizza Place

    Outside in good weather


    What is the cost of Cathie's Paint Parties?

    Kids Parties: 8-13 years old up to 10 painters $250

    Adult parties: 6-12 painters $35 each

    13-20 people $30 each

    Pricing may vary depending on location:

    For more on Class Pricing see Cathie’s Facebook Events

     Also see More Class Info

    Do I Need to Know Anything Else for my party with Cathies' Paint Parties?

    The class takes about three hours and includes all supplies needed to complete your 11″ x 14″ canvas painting.

    One hour before the class is needed for Cathie’s Paint Parties to ‘set up’ the space.

    More information is found on this page.


    Step #1. Choose Your Paint Project!

    Cathie's Paint Parties for Girls' Night Out - Team Building - Birthday Celebrations -Showers & Special Events

    Invite your friends, family or co-workers for a fun-filled art class, where you can paint your own masterpiece!  The class takes about three hours which includes all supplies needed to complete your (11”x14”) canvas painting.   Beginners, have no fear!

    Choose from my growing list of class samples for your party’s project or we also welcome “special requests” which can be designed just for you.   A small deposit may be required for reserving your party day.

    The host/hostess is asked to provide the tables and chairs for each participant as well as your choice of snacks and beverages.

    Step #2.

    Choose Your Party Dates


    Call Cathie for date availability.

    (Month/ Weekday or Weekend)

    Your paid $35 deposit will hold the date requested

    Step #3.

    Ways to Pay

    There are many ways to pay.

    One of the easiest is my link to Venmo  or PayPal.

    When pre-paying for an event listed on Facebook,

    please indicate the DATE of the event

    and the attendees’  NAMES in the description. 

    Other needs or options? Call me before the event!


    A Word

    Precious Words

    Love Cathie! Had such a great time. Can’t wait for the next event.”

    “Cathie is so much fun! We had a great night!” 

    Cathie is a joy to be around and a patient teacher!!!!

    – Cathie Urquhart

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